When Will Crypto Market Recover | Crypto Prices Fall

What's on the horizon for crypto?  

When Will Crypto Market Recover | Crypto Prices Fall

Hello,   we explore the latest global news stories Crypto Prices Fall 

affecting the crypto markets as well as the ever-changing macroeconomic environment of the 

world at large.  a cold storage hardware wallet provider that 

recently released their latest safe and affordable device, the Ledger Nano S Plus. More on them 

in a bit. Awesome, let's hit crypto this week About 500 million dollars liquidated in 

crypto futures over the last 24 hours since   these liquidations were triggered by the price 

plummeting downwards the majority of contracts   involved longed so basically people that we're 

betting on bitcoin's future price being higher   with margin got burned let's take a look at the 

bitcoin price chart and see where we could go  

Crypto prize fall 

Zooming out between January 2021 and now we've 

got two support lines here around the 32 000   price level we could bounce up from to stay within 

our current range however if we break below 32k   the next potential support level happened between 

October 2017 and November 2020 at around 19 000   yikes as we all know anything is possible 

in the crypto realm for now bitcoin is still   being treated by the majority of its traders big 

institutional investors like on risk tech stocks   which means its performance is still mirroring the 

traditional stock market the title of this article   is both true and false a feeling of economic doom 

is going around and there isn't much we can do   other than sit back and watch so yes there are 

plenty of reasons for that feeling of economic   doom that's going around worse start for the 

the stock market in 80 plus years highest inflation   in 40 plus years largest single interest rate 

hike in 20 plus years dimmest public view of us economy in 10 plus years but the part of the 

title asserting that there isn't much we can do   other than sit back and watch false remember 

just a few months ago when some of us were like  

Everything is so high right now i wish there was 

a dip where i could get in well folks ask and you   shall receive bitcoin is half price from its sixty 

nine thousand dollar high so is Ethereum from its forty-eight hundred dollars high and other large 

mid at small-cap projects everyone was so excited   about are 70 to 80 off as  most millionaires are made in bear markets not 

bull markets and it's way easier to become a   millionaire in a short period of time in crypto 

bear markets andabove in it we explore all the things we can 

do right now to take advantage of all the amazing   opportunities this bear market will afford us 

sitting back and watching or selling out to   wait for the next bull market will be the biggest 

mistake a lot of investors in the space will make   here's the deal bear markets give us time without 

distractions and hype to increase our knowledge   about technology psychology finance economics 

and geopolitics by reading books reading articles  

 these to learn more about 

crypto and the space at large bear markets give   us time to network and build relationships with 

dedicated knowledgeable like-minded people in this   space on social media without having to waste time 

figuring out who's in it for the hype in bull runs   versus who's in it for the long haul bear markets 

give us opportunities to invest in projects with   a ton of upside potential at a much lower cost 

like those 70 and 80 off discounts we mentioned   earlier   we cover different strategies we can implement to 

increase our crypto investment bags during this   cycle to come out on top like using crypto credit 

cards from blocks nexo and Gemini to earn crypto   rewards on everyday purchases or staking crypto to 

earn passive income helping maintain a blockchain   network adding new passive income streams where 

possible to increase how much money we have to   invest and tons of other strategies including how 

to pick cryptocurrencies that will survive a bear   market perform well in a bull market and stand the 

test of time into the future so be sure to check  

Them out because this week we are already starting 

to  where 

currently most people are making money by buying   a crypto and selling it to someone else for more 

this is not sustainable crypto is the future but   the future of crypto isn't buying to sell higher 

all of the projects that are going to make it will   become organized and function like a business 

where they are providing a valuable good or   service and generating a self-sustaining form of 

revenue one of the up-and-coming sectors of crypto   that will undoubtedly become one of the top three 

industries in the world is gaming in the metaverse   let's analyze what's been happening in the space 

this week while keeping that business structure   and operations narrative in mind the arms race 

to build the metaverse building the metaverse is   going to require a lot of concrete hardware meta 

has already built a massive ai supercomputer meant   to process data at mind-boggling scales chip 

manufacturers nvidia and amd are in an arms   race networking is a hardware issue too the wall 

street journal reported this week on apple's plan  

 Crypto Prices Fall To develop its own modem chips with an eye toward 

always-on augmented reality tech we isn't just   racing itself to the future of course Chinese tech 

companies like Tencent and bite dance are racing   to acquire the kinds of technologies that will 

power the metaverse making the desire to surpass   them one of the few things about which republicans 

and democrats agree hence the house and senate   competitiveness bills the metaverse might not 

be issue 1a in Washington but it's exactly the   kind of ambitious goal that powers the global 

competition for tech supremacy so here we are   in the midst of a global competition for tech 

supremacy with the supreme tech proving to be   blockchain and cryptocurrencies which we are 

all a part of right now and on top of it all   it just so happens to be a bear market from 

November all-time highs to these 50 to 80   price drops has the tech gone worse no it's been 

several months of further development and adoption   let's explore more about how gaming and metaverse 

areas we speak shaping into sustainable business   models around the world new Zealand gets its first 

crypto web 3 focused vc fund the last few months  

Have seen a wave of vc firms dedicating entire 

multi-million dollar funds to the advancement   of technology in the crypto blockchain in 

web3 space most recently dragonfly capital a   crypto centered investment firm closed its third 

fund for an oversubscribed 650 million dollars   earlier this year electric capital raised one 

billion dollars to back crypto startups and buy   tokens inflection raised 40 million dollars for 

its second crypto focused early stage fund and   hack vc raised a 200 million crypto seed fund also 

blockchain game pitches are flooding into game vcs   blockchain game pitches are flooding the inboxes 

of investors that comes as no surprise but the   scale of the change in gaming entrepreneurship 

is pretty stunning considering a year ago such   pitches were almost non-existent it was perhaps no 

surprise to see blockchain related game companies   receive a third of all game startup funding with 

128 companies receiving 1.2 billion dollars in the   first quarter according to investment bank drake 

star partners amazing so the blockchain based   gaming and metaverse is coming in hot incredible 

opportunities are here and plenty more are coming  

Crypto gaming is growing but can it reach people 

outside of the web 3 world the goal is to bring   the web 2.0 traditional gaming masses to web3 

alex paley co-founder of solana based blockchain   gaming studio fairway said to techcrunch the only 

way to do that is by removing as many artificial   barriers as possible so right now there are a lot 

of hurdles users must overcome to play these games   they've got to have an account with an exchange 

to buy ether create and set up a metamask wallet   transfer the eth to the vanamask wallet connect 

their metamask wallet and all these things are   quite complicated for someone unfamiliar with 

crypto however like we are currently exploring   the landscape is becoming more business oriented 

and solution focused which will hopefully lead   to more sustainable revenue generating entities 

we can invest in this week loot rush raises 12   million dollars to make blockchain games easier 

to play loot rush is trying to address three   problems that game developers face when trying to 

get games to reach mass adoption according to its   founders they're expensive time consuming to start 

playing and hard to set up loot rush focuses on  

Making blockchain games as easy as a couple of 

clicks to start playing a player chooses a game   selects nfts and starts the game it also focuses 

on cutting down the time to start playing from a   few hours to a few minutes and aims to make nfts 

available at a lower cost nice and it's not just   startup projects and vc funds that see the massive 

investment opportunities teaming in the space   google's cloud group forms web3 team to capitalize 

on booming popularity of crypto former citigroup   executive james tromans will lead the new google 

group that will build services to help developers   construct web3 applications early efforts could 

include better management of blockchain nodes   and software for exploring blockchain data 

in third-party applications yep ushering in   that business aspect we need in the space to drive 

more adoption and exponentially increase the value   these projects generate in new economies we can 

be a part of as investors this paradigm shift is   also taking place in other industries that see the 

potential in this new exciting technology algorand   announced as fifa official blockchain sponsor the 

world's largest football governing body federation  

International day football association fifa sealed 

a deal with blockchain technology company al grand   on monday may 2nd fifa collaborated with the 

blockchain platform to approve a sponsorship and   technical partnership agreement we are delighted 

to announce this partnership with al grant   the collaboration is a clear indication of fifa's 

commitment to continually seeking innovative   channels for sustainable revenue growth for 

further reinvestment back into football ensuring   transparency to our stakeholders and worldwide 

football fans a key element of our vision to   make football truly global i look forward to 

a long and fruitful partnership with al grand   gianni and fatino said huh did you hear those 

key words we've been talking about sustainable   revenue growth exactly to continue development in 

the blockchain tech projects need money structure   and to create value in the ecosystems that 

produces revenue for the entity to make it   sustainable bullish all right let's highlight 

some other bullish news stories that further   prove the shifting paradigm of crypto becoming 

less of a speculative buy low sell high game and  

More of an investable asset with real world use 

cases in the traditional security sector we have   armored truck firms brinks says it will 

secure crypto backups in secret vaults   brinks the 163 year old virginia-based 

security company announced it's partnering   with swiss cryptocurrency custody firm medico 

to provide physical disaster recovery solutions   for private cryptocurrency key backups in the 

event of one of those doomsday disaster scenarios   brinks will hold a physical backup of crypto 

customers keys and one of their secure faults   so they see the writing on the wall and in the 

traditional fashion sector crypto goes vogue as   gucci prepares to accept over 10 cryptocurrencies 

gucci's new cryptocurrency payment system could   be the start of more real-life uses for crypto 

if gucci's crypto payment strategy flourishes   it could mean big things for coin acceptance by 

retailers gucci's commitment to the metaverse   could pay off big as we enter the future of 

digital collectibles another 100 year old plus   business sees the writing on the wall and in 

the education sector bentley to accept crypto  

For tuition payments the university will accept 

three types of cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum   and usd coin they also see the writing on 

the wall and in the political sector crypto   becomes a political player by the numbers more 

than 22.5 million in contributions from donors   in the crypto space went to federal political 

campaigns and committees from 2021 through march   of this year and at the state level california 

moves to embrace cryptocurrency and regulate it   governor gavin newsom signed an executive order 

for state agencies to move in tandem with the   federal government to craft regulations for 

digital currencies california which has an economy   larger than all but four countries and where much 

of the world's technological innovation is born on   wednesday became the first state to formally begin 

examining how to broadly adapt to cryptocurrency   and related innovations and at the national level 

france becomes the first big european nation to   grant crypto giant finance regulatory approval 

incredible the future of blockchain technology   and cryptocurrency is brighter than ever despite 

this bear trend in markets there are always and  

Will always be market cycles bear or bull so 

are you going to bury your head in the sand or   sit back and watch like most other people will 

in this bear market or are you going to take   the opportunity to build in this bear market 

build your knowledge build your network build   your skills build your portfolio build your brand 

build for the betterment of you and your family   and build for the betterment of the new world at 

large the choice is yours and if you choose the   build if you haven't already make sure you are 

moving your crypto investments from exchanges   to cold storage hardware wallets like i mentioned 

at the beginning of respected cold storage hardware wallet and 

the space has recently revamped its most popular   and affordable crypto wallet device the nano s 

to the nano s plus while the original nano s only   supported up to a maximum of six different 

cryptocurrency apps the new nano s plus   can support up to 100 different cryptocurrency 

apps which is a substantial improvement in both   capacity and most importantly user-friendliness 

another user interface upgrade is a larger screen  


Than the original nano s which makes it a lot 

easier for us to navigate around different apps   as well as send receive and manage our crypto at 

large the key distinctions ledger wanted to make   about the s plus versus the s is that it supports 

a sector of crypto that has taken the industry by   storm as of late NFTs or non-fundable tokens with 

the nano s plus and ledger live app users will be   able to easily manage the store and perform clear 

signing with full transparency for transactions   which allows for further protection when working 

with your nft collection and web3, all in all   ledger's vision is to position the ledger nano 

s plus device as the most affordable and simple   way for crypto investors to safely interact 

with defy NFT's crypto digital assets and web3   at large with a bigger screen more memory and 

smoother experience brilliant so if you would   like to invest in the ledger nano s plus or 

check out ledger's other security products  

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