Best Indicators for Trading in Crypto/Forex/ Stock Market

Best Indicators for Trading in Crypto/Forex/ Stock Market

 Best Indicators for Trading in Crypto/Forex/ Stock Market Well whether you trade in the stock market

and or you trade in the forex market and or you trade in the crypto market. You use many indicators while you trade. I am going to tell you

about two such indicators which will maximize your profits and which will minimize your

losses, then what are the two indicators by which you can earn more money. exactly.  but

I will show you how you will use those indicators in your trading setup, so firstly if we talk

about it, then . You don't have to trade against the trend.

You always have to trade with the trend. You have to identify that an uptrend is going

on, a sideways trend is going on or a downtrend is going on. When you identify the trend, then you have

to wait for a trend reversal. When trends reverse, then the chances of making

a profit are high, so how do you know which trend is going on? So you must trade with the trend, and when

we said that you can earn more money in the Trend Reversal, then how do we even know it? Is there any indicator for that, the answer

is yes? You can use Supertrend, just now I have told

you about the Supertrend. I'll show you now how you will use Supertrend. Second, when you are trading then you should

know major support and resistance levels.

If you know support and resistance levels

then you will know from where, or you already know when the price moves. Let's say it is your pivot line, here it is

your resistance and here is your support, if the price is going up then you know from

where selling can start. Resistance is that level, where sellers are

in the market and they try to bring the price down and if the price breaks the resistance

then it goes to another level. Suppose it goes to R2 from R1. Similarly, if the price is falling then first

it will come to its pivot points and after that below the pivot, it will cross its support

level one and if does not cross the support, then it can bounce back from here, but if

it breaks the support, then it will go to support one, support two, and support three,

but how do we know which are the major Support and resistance levels

We can plot it by ourselves. If you're experienced, you'll be able to identify

support and resistance levels by yourself, but an indicator might make things easier

for you. The name of the indicator is Pivot Points. So by using pivot points and Supertrend, we

can increase our trading accuracy. But right now I am going to show you exactly

on your computer screen how you can use these two indicators in your trading setup and because

we talked about Cryptocurrency last time. So even today we are talking about Cryptocurrency. You have seen that the price is crashing in

the Cryptocurrency market, then we told you at that time that it is necessary to identify

the trend. Because, I say that if you are looking for

any crypto or stock price then the price of crypto or stock or destiny of man can fall

no matter, then price can fall there any much

But how it will be known, here you get to

know through trends. So now to make trend identification easy for

you, I am telling you in simple words. Because I know that because most of the people

are new. Well,

who are experienced traders, will know these things and who have made a new move, they

also need to know. So here we have come to CoinDCX, I am logged

in to the website of CoinDCX. So you can also download CoinDCX. I will give the link in the description and

the comment box and you can use a Pushkar100 Coupon Code which will give you ₹100 sample

bitcoin in your portfolio. The first thing you see, when you're trading,

the first of all you need to see at which time frame you have to look at the chart. If you are scalping here and or you are trading


If you want to do buying and selling within

the same day then you can see the chart on the time frame one minute and five minutes

charts. Here in which way you have to observe all

the patterns. Look, you will have to give time to learn

a little technical analysis. I have already made a playlist, you can see

the link on the I button of the playlist, In that, you will get a lot of information

step by step on technical analysis, so here you see, when we were talking about time frame,

then we talked about when you are doing intraday trade or you are doing scalping then you can

see at a 1-minute time frame that how the price action is moving here if we talk about

investing long term, then you can see chart on 30 minutes time frame. Now you can see it in different time frames

but charts are different, here Candlestick Patterns are different and why it is showing

you like that, it is very important to know.

Because according to every time frame, buyers

and sellers are reacting differently. So when you look at a one-minute time frame,

then you can see that a green line came here but if I talked about thirty minutes, then

you can see a red line, now the line is when you will click on indicators. I have already applied an indicator, you see

here Supertrend. You will write Supertrend on Indicators, so

Supertrend will come in front of you, it will tell you to see. Here you can see regularly that the trend

is constantly Red. If you see the red line, it means that the

trend is currently in a downtrend, so if you want to trade then you have to trade according

to the downtrend. I gave you a suggestion if you trade in the

crypto market. Especially if you trade in Bitcoin and futures

or Crypto futures, then when the market is

Going down, Avoid the short-selling because

when the market bounces back, it can do very fast and you can make losses, so most of the

time you Trade in the uptrend. You will get more benefits from it. Rest you can tell your experience in the comments,

so we use a simple super trend, which will tell us that when we see at the 30 minutes

time frame then it means that this candle is representing 30 minutes that was the movement

of buyers and sellers in the market. If a big red candle is visible to you, then

it means that price was opened in 30 minutes, if you see wig above, then high reached there

and it came below, low was this and it closed here. So you can see that it closed on 3562000 on

6th January at 1:00 pm, then the candle is telling this. And the price was opened here from, you can

see that it opened at 3666000 and it came to 3561000. So you can see how much the price went down

in 30 minutes.

Similarly, if you see a green candle then

the green candle is telling you that the price was opened from here in 30 minutes and it

closed here. So Supertrend makes trend identification easy

and whenever you will see reversing Trend, now see If we talk about 5 minutes, then here

the market is telling that here Supertrend already told you, earlier you were seeing

the green colour line and as soon as the line got red then it is showing you that here the

the downtrend is starting. And then you see that trend goes on continuously

and after going to this candle, the big green candle formed here, you can see the time frame

on 7th January, so this candle is showing and after the green color you see that the

color of the line has changed, and it is telling you from here that trend is reversing

from here, now when the trend is reversing then we have to wait for the confirmation. Now confirmation means that when you see becoming

any candle then after it made it's high here,

And it can also be fake, fake means that you

saw there was green candle there and you thought that trend has reversed from here But waiting

for confirmation means that the high it has made, that high has not broken again unless

a candle breaks the high of the candle, or it will be completely formed till then we

will not know whether the trend has reversed or not, so we have to wait now. We have to wait till then it's peak and if

you use stop-loss then you have to use stop loss in the low of this candle, then you can

trade by using the stop loss of this candle, you can trade if you want to trade and that

is what I am showing you, this is the technical analysis so this is not only for the crypto

market. It is also for forex and also for the stock

market, so these are basics that work everywhere, so you are getting help in trend identification

from supertrend. Secondly, we talked about how we can use Pivot

Points, and as I will use Pivot Points, you

Will see a little change here, then you see

here you will feel that it has changed completely, and why it has changed I tell you, you see

here, you can see P here, this is your Pivot Points, and after that, R1 R2 R3 R4 and R5,

and S1 S2 S3 S4 and S5, so R is resistance level and S is the support level then multiple

levels of support and multiple levels of resistance have already been plotted for you by the indicator

then you don't need to spend too much time. According to different time frames, like we

are here in a 5-minute time frame. If we open for a 15 minutes time frame then

these levels will change. 

 Now you see here, I told you that the price,

Let's say that it opened from the pivot, and it could not cross the resistance, then you

see that it goes below the pivot and its next support is S1, so if the price will go below

one pivot then it's the first target is that

It reaches the support where you can see that

by coming inside the candle, it crosses its support S1, when it crosses, you can zoom

in and see it on your screen. Here I am telling you the concept in short

that when the price breaks the support, first support then it has another target of support

level 2 S2, here it broke, then here you can see that it also broke the second level of

support, alright it broke the second level of support when it broke the second level

then the target is S3, but then you have to use supertrend here that is their trend reversing,

so you can use multiple indicators simultaneously. You can use it simultaneously so that you

know when the uptrend is going on and when the downtrend is going on. You will get to know through the green and

red lines, then this is a very simple basic and useful indicator which you must use in

your trading setup, then you can use them very easily.

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