What is EOS Cryptocurrency? EOS vs Ethereum

 What is EOS? | Delegated Proof-of-Stake

Let’s learn about EOS, a What is EOS Cryptocurrency? EOS vs Ethereum

decentralized computing platform. EOS is a blockchain designed for the execution 

of decentralized applications, or dApps. EOS programmers can develop dApps 

using popular languages like C++,   Java and Python, instead of having to learn 

a platform-specific programming language. It aims to act as a solution for 

problems developers might be having with something like Ethereum. EOS provides high transaction throughput, 

free transactions, and improved performance. EOS was created in 2017 by 

a company called Block.One. The company founders are Dan 

Larimer and Brendan Blumer. EOS launched in 2018. The EOS project is widely known to be one of  

The most well-funded Blockchain 

projects ever, if not THE most. During a one-year period, Block. One managed to 

raise more than $4 billion dollars worth of funds. EOS runs on Delegated Proof-of-Stake 

with 21 Block Producers, or BPs. These Block Producers are usually 

companies since there are very strict performance requirements to run a node. However, users can vote for Block 

Producers as well as special matters through a referendum system. Holders of the EOS coin can vote for 

up to 30 Block Producers at once. While there are no fees for users with EOS,   developers stake the coins to reserve network 

resources so their applications can run. This is different from Ethereum, where users 

pay gas fees when they trigger a smart contract.

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What Projects are Building on EOSIO?

Well, we get several groups reaching out to us every day, everything from individual developers to small businesses to publicly-traded companies across all different types of sectors, from biotech, and financial industries to new types of consumer-driven applications that reinvent the way we do things. Even before the software's actually released, they're building on our test net which anyone can join and try to build their project on. We see existing businesses trying to migrate their business model to a decentralized model as well as new innovative businesses trying to bring their ideas to life. Our software is currently the only software on the market capable of delivering the performance and developer-friendliness and the capabilities that are required to build high-performance user-friendly applications.

What is EOS Cryptocurrency? EOS vs Ethereum

Usually, we discuss things about Ethereum Ethereum is probably the best known distributed database nowadays you know you also have popular blockchain platforms like ripples stellar or even eos do you know eos as Ethereum and ripple has its own blockchain in today's episode we have it about the amazing blockchain platform eos and how it works as always share it with your friends and smash the call button to get notifications of our future content what is eos, first of all, we need to define how a blockchain works as a distributed database a global spreadsheet that on so many devices runs the quality of a distributed database and provide an open-source as every member of the blockchain community can see what is going on and the code is underlined without surprises blockchains have the ambition to transform the global economy changing blockchain is more decentralized and for some see if the next digital transformation what

Is eos blockchain eos is one of the most recent blockchains to enter the cryptocurrency walls eos is a decentralized platform designed to support decentralized applications dabs similar to the ephemera network eos blockchain is very similar to the efferent blockchain blocks that are produced by block producers blocks are produced every second smart contracts can be built on eos platform what is eos cryptocurrency eos is a utility token that runs on the eos blockchain and provides access to goods and services generated by a project In addition, the eos token provides bandwidth and storage data the eos platform has no transaction fees to send or receive eos is mainly used for governments and allows developers to generate content that runs on eos. what you need to know about the eos blockchain eos has great scalability and processes more than 10,000 transactions per second inter blockchain communication is the main feature of eures and it creates another eos blockchain with more transactions if sufficiently scaled eos will be the most functional application of blockchain technology blockchain certainly has great platforms to

Share trusted blockchain projects , gives basic rights to privacy like eos, which is a solid foundation of free society eos is also considered the Ethereum killer and certainly has the potential to be a meaningful blockchain of a future that is free, reliable and offers scalable transactions the main idea behind eos is to provide the best features and promises of various existing smart contract technologies such as computer support of Ethereum or security of bitcoin eos has the feature of being massively adopted and used on the dap platform for the daily user eos has both a security of bitcoin and the computer support of Ethereum what is the europe map of you the business block point one created the eos project and was led by dan Larimer co-founder of both photos as steemits and Brandon bloomer who also cryptocurrencies and steam, but which will not be discussed in this course oken because we focus on the top 10 cryptocurrencies these two founders have provided great experience in the crypto world and have been active in blockchain technology because besides their own projects his eos are better than inferium we can

Making sure that those two platforms want to dominate with their platforms the battle between the ferraminios is very much present in the industry coming in as the number one and number two decentralized app that platforms based on market size iferror minions have attracted crypto fans alike as their platform of choice ethereum was the first to implement smart contracts and broke a great community under the ethereum platform but followers of the eos platform believe that the eos platform could be the next stage of smart contracts although those two platforms similarities they share also differences the blockchain technologies focus on three main features security, decentralization and scalability Ethereum has great security and value decentralization above everything else the platform currently uses a pow proof of work the consensus algorithm Ethereum is a distinctly decentralized platform because it is the number of b . produced lure limited and will remain the dominant decentralized platform for the foreseeable future eos is more centralized because of the improved scalability the platform uses to produce a dpos or delegated proof of stake 21 nodes

New blocks no more no less eos higher level of centralization improves scalability, although some t

Will EOS Still Be WORTH it in 2022? Probably NOT

everything crypto from crypto technology to crypto   news and to introducing altcoins which may 

be interesting for you. today i'm going to   talk about eos and its blockchain technology 

its potential and at the end of the video   i will make an estimation of if eos may still 

be worth it in 2022. eos is a cryptocurrency of   eos.io blockchain technology eos io is a smart 

contract platform just like ethereum which aims   to increase scalability and flexibility and make 

it easier for everyone to use smart contracts and   blockchain technology as well as for developers 

to create decentralized apps or dapps in a much   more effective way they started in 2017 and aimed 

to completely eliminate transaction fees and have   absolutely zero transaction fees whereas 

ethereum currently has somewhere between 10   to 500 worth of us dollars of transaction fees 

relative to which transactions you are trying   to send to the blockchain with these massive 

transaction fees of ethereum which affects  

Both the developers and users eos taught it best 

to create a platform with zero transaction fees   this has attracted many companies to create their 

apps on the eos io blockchain instead apps like   upland a popular digital real estate game yup a 

social media platform or prospectors a massive   multiplayer online real-time economic strategy 

game in fact EOS.IO currently has around 600 apps   developed using its blockchain most of the adapts 

however have very few users something around fewer   than 600 users this is of course almost not 

much compared to ethereum which has around   3 800 apps with far more active users EOS.IO can 

also process around 4000 transactions per second   claiming that they can process around 1 million 

transactions per second this is when ethereum   can only process around 15 transactions per second 

but aiming to upgrade their network and be capable   of processing 100 transactions per second which 

will be massive however looking at right now eos   definitely wins the scalability over ethereum 

EOS current market cap is around 3 billion   and it's ranked number 47 in the coin market caps 

cryptocurrency list and with a 24 hours volume of  

Around 838 million dollars as of the 13th of December 

2021 you can imagine that it is pretty active   eos has a total supply of around 1 billion coins 

which is far more than bitcoin or Ethereum you can   currently buy eos in some very famous exchanges 

such as Binance gate io crypto.com and kucoin   and by the way if you are enjoying this video a 

sub to this channel will be very much appreciated   and will help me as a YouTuber and will also 

keep you updated on crypto videos like this   where i talk about the hottest 

altcoins in the crypto market   so back to eos looking at their twitter 

they have around 250 000 followers and they   actively keep their users updated about news and 

improvements however it is important to mention   eras used to be very important as well as popular 

back when it was published as well as their 2018   which was considered to be in the top five 

cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin and Ethereum   but it has lost a lot of attention ever since 

massive competition entered the crypto market   so it's not easy to say if eos will still be 

a good investment in 2022. I've personally  

Played their biggest dab called upland a digital 

real estate metaverse based on the land of the   earth we live in with around 60 000 active users 

the game seems to be very interesting at first   where you move your explorer and 

around and buy pieces of real estate   with their in-game coin upx or real money 

and you can later sell your real estate for upx or real money after you play for a couple 

of days the game starts to be a little bit boring   that's for me but you can definitely give it a try 

it is available on mobile phones as well as web   maybe you will enjoy it so back to the important 

question real eras still be worth it in 2022.   it will be difficult to say since there is a 

possibility for a dApp to be created on his   blockchain and can become a major success and 

make us valuable as well but with the massive   competition and platforms like Ethereum 

my money personally would not be on eos   but of course, i am not a financial advisor and 

this is only my personal estimation that's why I'd   like to pass the question to you what do you think 

do you think EOS still has a chance of growing  

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