wazirx exchange review | wazirx exchange live buy and sell

we are going to talk about WazirX Exchange And we will talk about what are the changes that have come in 2021 which can be important for you. And today's environment is going on all around, crypto can be banned or crypto banking can be stopped.

wazirx exchange review | wazirx exchange live buy and sell

Introduce the topic of wazirx exchange and how it has impacted the lives of people in different ways.

 So why did at that time only WazirX come out in the forefront if you are Indian there are such features from them that have come new in it, And what are the features that are futuristic if you choose a wallet? 

And if you are currently on an exchange like Binance or Coinbase this video is as important for you as it is for someone new. It has all the features of your work I am going to explain everything in detail 

Even if you are a beginner or an expert, this article is of your use. Because in today's date, if you have many exchanges with you No problem is going to come for you as time keeps changing 

so why is WazirX Exchange important for you..  Today we are going to talk about the WazirX exchange, we will cover 7 topics Which will be the first topic out of 7 topics, 

what is the interface of WazirX exchange

 which coins are available in it because it has been an international exchange, this exchange has been made only for India, in which coins are available in which pair. You will get detailed information about this. After that, I will tell you about how you can put your money from the direct bank by doing p2p in it through life example. Secondly, we will talk about how to put a stop loss in it, before that we will also talk about how to buy and sell one

And how much commission is charged in it, after that we will talk about other features? 

 And if you want to know any specific topic like stop loss or buy-sell then you can directly click on that time. But if you know all these things, then you will definitely know the other feature, in that, 

I have put some such things which can be important for you. If you know about all the things, then look directly at the other feature or if you want to know about a particular topic,  otherwise,  the whole article is going to be entertaining. So let's talk about its interface first.

 If you see its interface, then it is very simple, in which four options are given at the bottom, in which the first is Info. Regular updates keep running in the info, after that there is a list of whatever coins are available with them in the market, now we will tell which coins are available with them. The next option is Order, in this we can see which orders we placed have been completed and which orders are pending.

The next option is, in this fund, which money is lying in our 2p dollar, which money is lying in which coin, or which money is lying for our withdrawal.

All this information is available in the fund. Now let's go upstairs, the first button comes in it, it comes to the setting, you can log in to your profile in your profile and how to do KYC, there are details about all these, if you are installing for the first time then you have to first KYC will have to be done and if we talk about KYC in this video,. So all you have to do is complete the KYC by yourself, if any issue comes, then you write in the comment below and I will help you fully, now after that, you understand that your KYC is done

. And by login, you have come inside the application. Let's talk about which coin you are going to get in which leg, which is the first option in 6 options. p2p let's talk about what it is if you have p2p in your wallet then that wallet is of your use in case of emergency.

 Meaning if there is a ban in a country like India is in danger of being a sister right now, but every year the budget will come and every year all these problems will come and those people who are against the crypto community would like to ban it. Every year features of this method will come but you have to understand this p2p well to be future proof.

What happens in p2p is that you have to deposit money in your exchange, so you do not have to send money to any exchange. You have to send money to an authorized person on behalf of the exchanger and he will send dollars to your wallet or send bitcoin or Ethereum or send any coin. 

It is completely done and there is no chance of doing any fraud in it, after that how is it p2p, let's know about it, to do p2p, show you the next screen and we speak from behind. You have to come to the option and click on my p2p, that there is a buy-sell button at the bottom, click on it and whatever you want like I want to deposit ₹ 50000 then type ₹ 50000 in it and click on buy. So it's being processed and it says you can only order at least $50 now because I don't use this wallet much so it's saying you can only add at least $50.

 Let's add $ 50 to explain to you I have put a request for $ 50 to buy, now let's see what happens next, a notification has come and you see below, you have given time in between that within 9 minutes you will get the transaction To complete, see below that IMPS is being written, we have to click on it and the amount you have to send, you should keep in mind how much amount to send and you have to send ₹ 3665, we send it to live in front of you.

 Discuss the challenges and problems that wazir exchange has faced in the past.

We are sending this money to Akhil Acharya's account, it is a pleasure authorized by WazirX, it may be different people in everyone's account, but now we send money to them by opening their account and choosing google pay for that.

 In this, pay ad and do a little fast forward so that the video remains short. I increase its speed quickly fill the details, we sent the money and the money has been deducted from our account, now we go there and write and we tick on the income that has been transferred successfully. After that, we click on OK.

 Now it is being written from there that this which you have sent may take some time. It takes a maximum of 4 hours but let's see how long it takes. It's done instantly it's hardly done in 30 seconds and we've got $50 now this $50 we go and check in your app's funds and you can see in funds 50 USDT is visible and looking up 3600.

 So it has come to our account, now we see how to sell in p2p, the same process is the same process, I finish it quickly, you can learn from the same way. Now friends let's talk about INR, how many legs are there in this, you can see 31 coins are listed in it, if you want to buy INR directly by transfer from a bank, then it is available on 31, after that USDT has the highest number of coins, in this 128 coins are available. In this, all those coins are available which are almost popular, which can give you a lot of profit.

All those coins are available in USDT. You buy mostly in USDT. The 8 coins that are listed are in the pair of WazirX, 31 coins in BTC and the sixth option is STF.

 They have fund managers, they keep the coins listed in the STF, and you can buy them.  this is a long topic. Now let us see which coins are available in it like popular was dogecoin which you can buy or sell. In this, the complete chart of a doge is visible, after that most of the coins which are there are in USDT.

 Now let us see how to buy and sell in it. For buy-sell, we buy from WazirX coin. Now see below option is coming in it, you can buy 25% 50% or 100 % then we buy a hundred percent then you have to swipe on confirm to place an order directly. In this you swipe and after that, your order will be completed.

 Now let's go to the fund and you can see that it has come to us. We have bought all the WazirX coins and the notification has also come above. So you can buy a WazirX coin and any coin. And how to sell, you should also understand quickly that it is not a long task, in the same way, we had to buy, in the same way, we have to click below. Next to Buy is to press the sell button.

And you can type as much as you want to sell below or choose your percentage. I don't want to sell this coin yet. I have shown all this to explain to you, you must have understood how to sell. On WazirX now let's understand what is stop loss, you are doing a normal trade, you bought bitcoin in the morning at $8000 and if you have not put stop loss then know what happens.

 Slowly the coin is increasing and you are feeling very happy, but suddenly it starts falling down, then you have lost due to profit. Now understand again what would have happened if you had put stop loss here.

 Suppose you have bought at 8000, now gradually your profit will increase and you see where we put stop-loss, your deal will be cut. Whatever order you had will be sold then here stop loss can save you in this way. You understand how you can apply it in the application. 

You have to go to the stop limit and you have to choose between so many when it comes like between 186-187 whenever the order will come. Your order will be sold automatically. So it's very simple if you swipe in this way then this stop loss will be fixed.

So whenever the market comes on this, it will be sold automatically. So you can place an order in this way to stop loss on WazirX. Well, so is the bye. Sometimes it happens that the price goes up all of a sudden, then at that time, we all want that whenever the price starts going up, then we should buy the order. Just like we have put stop loss you can also buy a stop-limit order when it crosses it will be buying.

 So this is also a way of buying in which as soon as your price goes up, that order will be accepted by you. Friends, now let's talk about a commission, many people call for commission, in which exchange the commission is less. In any exchange, the commission is not so high that you cannot afford it. Now we are trading for ₹ 10000. 

If we talk about WazirX, then if we trade ₹ 10000 in it, then the fee charged in it is 0.2%. 0.2% i.e. ₹ 20 fees charged for trading ₹ 10000, now if you want to halve this ₹ 20 fee, then buy WazirX coin and after that give permission then your direct transaction fee is ₹ 20 to ₹ 10 will be if you are trading ₹ 10000. You may be trading too much. So it doesn't matter because you are selling so much like 20000,

50000 or ₹100000 and it converts into profit and loss in seconds. So never worry so much about the commission and don't change your choice of exchange because of commission. Because a commission is a very small fee, it is very important to run that exchange. Now let's talk about another feature, there are many such things in this feature that I have brought to mind.

 Which is present on WazirX as of today. The first option that has been added to it is that of Dust. What happens whenever we buy a coin, the coin is either bought or sold in a complete roundup. Like if we are selling ₹ 10000 coins, then it sells ₹ 9990 and ₹ 10 coin remains in our wallet, in this way sometimes we buy and sometimes sell. In this way, little by little is collected, it is called dust, meaning the dust of the coin. So the option of converting this dust coin to one coin at once is not available in most exchanges. In most exchanges, that money is lost to you, but this feature is available on Binance. And Binance and Wazir are working together in India, so the same feature is available on this one.

You can convert all coins to WazirX coins at the same time I am showing how to convert it is very simple you go to dust convert, Click on it and you can convert whoever is in your lower limit.

 One thing I really like about WazirX is its notifications. Because whenever the price of bitcoin or Ethereum or any coin is up or down, it gives direct notification to us. Any other application like Binance or any application does not get a notification in this manner. That we should know outside what update has come in which coin, but we like this feature of WazirX the most. That's why we are using WazirX on today's date. Next to another feature that has the advantage of transfer, we transferred 100 WRX coins from Binance to WazirX, so in that, we have paid only ₹ 3 charges.

 These charges are absolutely nominal on WazirX and Binance if you are. Many people can use binance internationally. So, friends, it was a matter of WazirX. Now let's talk about those people who are trading in cryptocurrency, there is some problem with them every day,

Whether there is an exchange or withdrawal or if anyone is having confusion in them, then you can contact me.  

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk investment and may not be suitable for all members of the public and all types of investors. You should not purchase cryptocurrency unless you understand the extent of your exposure to potential loss. We are only providing information for educational purposes only and no financial advice. One should know and study properly before investing in cryptocurrencies

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