How to use a Bitcoin ATM | Bitcoin Blockchain Explained

How to use a Bitcoin ATM my first $BTC purchase from a Bitcoin Depot ATM

How to use a Bitcoin ATM | Bitcoin Blockchain Explained

Hey it's Sheryl I guess what I found I had 

I'm to pull my camera out and record this because i found a bitcoin atm come to find out 

there's a ton of them some of them even walking distance to my house let me see if i can 

flip this we're gonna go in and buy some bitcoin now this is an Exxon gas station see that mass adoption already here guys 

already here okay let's go in thank you all right let's do it how much would you like to buy today   20 to 250. identity verification 

required okay enter your mobile number 126. cents just so you guys don't see this do not buy bitcoin for irs payments 

utility bills where if someone says   you are being investigated these are scams use 

your key below to enter your cell phone number

Terms and conditions if you share your account   with anyone you will be banned 

you are being scammed do not buy complete your customers okay this is terms and conditions of service   expressly consent to receive advertising 

communications advertising i understand required   to provide this consent blah blah blah normal cell 

phone charges apply whatever i agree determines   you're first born we get it 

i agree valid email address i don't know how many people 

actually come in here buy this sms code sent okay hold on all right i got it continue transaction create a 

pin using the keypad all right okay i'm not going to show you guys this part and then verify my pen

And then press continue 

welcome enter your secret pin you guys can't see everything select coin 

we provide services for the following coins   only these three okay bitcoin buy bitcoin 

where should your coins be sent okay   well i downloaded the bitcoin depot app 

i'm just gonna buy 20 bucks look at that three dollar fee okay so scan wallet or qr code   where should your coins be sent oh so if 

i say n okay let me just do this skinner's   looking left under the kia screen hold your qr 

code four to six inches away for best results okay so basically it would be there so i'm 

going to open up my bitcoin depot wallet   and go to the receive okay so i opened up my bitcoin depot 

wallet went to the first i created   a bitcoin wallet inside it i created a 

wallet i basically named it and then i  

Said receive and it gave me a qr code and i 

scanned it underneath this so that's awesome so   now it says insert bills now bitcoins will be sent 

to blah blah oh you can't buy with a credit card let me see if i have cash who carries cash if i do i probably only have 20. exactly i only have 21. so i'm gonna have 

to actually take money out of the atm   i might actually take money out of the atm 

to buy it so hold on okay it timed out after   30 seconds i had to take money out of the atm and 

redo it so minimum purchase oh let me just put in   what the heck you ins oh you gotta insert 

cash by the way it times out after 60 seconds wow this is weird okay did you say your transaction an 

additional three dollars you've needed um it says 40. i know do you have a little 

garbage minimum purchase 20. okay whatever i just said continue we'll see if this

Works did you see the rate was that at 40 000. okay so it took all forty dollars it purchased 

point zero zero zero nine phones i have a track okay here's the thing you know what's so crazy a 

couple of years from now someone's gonna look back    she'd never been to a 

bitcoin atm like when atms actually got installed   and people were like oh my god i don't 

have to go to the bank like duh literally   s   she ever used an atm and she recorded it and 

they're like everywhere now i mean literally      at the bitcoin depot Exxon and actually found 

out that there are some even closer to my house   at practically almost every 7-eleven i didn't  

The Bitcoin Blockchain Explained

Bitcoin is an online currency with a security system run by a massive network of total strangers trusting strangers with your digital information may sound silly but it's actually a revolution in distributed computing it's all based on the blockchain an open ledger that stores a history of financial transactions but blockchains can be adapted to store any kind of digital information imaginable which means that

Systems like Bitcoin could be the future of all secure digital transactions old security models focus on locking people out bitcoins model focuses on letting everyone in it uses self-interest and greed to secure your bitcoins and amazingly this works for the first time you don't need trust to share or update your digital records to understand why and how you need to understand the Bitcoin blockchain if you have bitcoins what you really have is a private key

Half of a digital signature that proves you owned a particular Bitcoin the other half is a public key a record of the public key is stored in the blockchain individual blocks contain multiple transactions each of which refers to an earlier record in the chain when you want to purchase something with bitcoins you broadcast a request the request is received by all the computers on the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network these computers and their owners are called

Miners miners scoop up the most recent requests into a block the miners run the new block and the previous blocks through a set of calculations called hash functions it's a competition with all the miners racing to solve a complex cryptographic puzzle the more computing power you have the more likely you are to solve it first after solving a block the miner tacks it on to the end of the block Chane then they broadcast it to their

Peers who check the work and start using the new version of the blockchain the first miner to solve a block is rewarded with some newly minted bitcoins but minting coins isn't the only point of mining the puzzles are so complex that every new block makes the previous blocks and the whole blockchain more secure hacking the blockchain would require tremendous speed in order to alter just one transaction an attacker would have to change the information in

That block and in every block that comes after it all before the blockchain is updated with countless miners working on the chain simultaneously this would require massive amounts of computing power more than half of the power being committed to the Bitcoin network at any given time the self-interest of the individual miners adds up creating a selfish self-protecting secure system personal allegiance is replaced with mathematical confidence the Bitcoin

Blockchain is a public database that everyone can see anyone can add to and no one can destroy you

Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright to keep 

A PC researcher who professes to have
concocted Bitcoin has won a legal dispute that would permit him to keep a store of the
digital currency worth billions of US dollars. Craig Wright's previous colleague
was not qualified for half of the resources, as per the jury. Therefore, Mr Wright will keep 1.1 million
Bitcoins esteemed $54 billion (£40 billion). He should pay $100 million to Dave Kleiman's
family for protected innovation encroachment. As indicated by the group of Mr Kleiman, a
PC security master who kicked the bucket in 2013, the two men teamed up to construct and mine
the principal Bitcoin, which Mr Wright then, at that point, took. In 2008, a white paper gave under the nom de plume Nakamoto itemized the
production of the cryptographic money. Mr Wright has professed to be Nakamoto since
2016, but this guarantee has been questioned.

In the common claim, a Miami jury
viewed Mr. Wright as not very such blameworthy on virtually each of the issues raised by Mr Kleiman's loved ones. W&K and Kleiman's home attorneys said
they were "massively excited" that the jury conceded the $100 million in scholarly
property privileges, which will give the Kleiman's "their legitimate piece of what Dave made a difference
layout," as indicated by an articulation. Mr. Wright asserted the legal
choice and affirmed he was the maker of the progressively advanced resource. "Clearly, the jury observed that I am on the grounds that there
would have been no honor in any case," he made sense of. Mr Wright added, "This has been a striking
great result, and I feel totally justified."

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